ATS Asia Telemedicine Symposium

In 2007, Telemedicine Development Asia (TEMDEC) based in Kyushu University, Japan has started Asia Telemedicine Symposium (ATS) where it was made special focus on local engineers. Local engineers in their own hospitals play a key role in telemedicine, because they are the ones who can set up audio-visual equipment and connect medical devices to RENs for telemedicine. Telemedicine cannot be established without them, thus success of practical telemedicine is dependent on whether doctors can have good support of their local engineers. ATS will help to create an opportunity for local engineers where they can meet different kind of people to learn the medical programs conducted and new information of research and education network. They can also share the information of audio-visual equipment and local network issues with local engineers from other hospitals. In order to provide an opportunity to local engineers to attend the symposium in person, we offered financial support to local engineers in Asian countries such as Australia, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

This was the first time the Asia Telemedicine Symposium was held in Malaysia. The great contribution that ATS have brought to medical science and practice is undeniable. ATS has become the most expected yearly event for Asian experts in the field to grasp the latest progress and technique, to share experience, to find ways to deal with future tasks.

Although Malaysia is a developing country, telemedicine has been applied increasingly and widely in our healthcare and education system.